Virtual Speaker Card Request for Public Hearings

For agenda items listed as Public Hearings, there is an option to speak publicly via Zoom if the speaker registers at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting by filling out a “virtual” speaker card. (See details below.) Once a speaker has registered online, they will be provided with additional instructions and a Zoom link on the day of the meeting. Links to register for a virtual speaker card will be included in each meeting’s agenda, which is posted to the Town’s website one week in advance. To find the agenda, visit the Meetings and Agendas web page and scroll down to locate the meeting/date, then click on “Agenda.”

 The new virtual option also applies to the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Adjustment, as they are both held in Council Chambers and have Public Hearings. This new feature does not apply to the other boards and commissions.

 The virtual speaker card feature is only available for items listed as official Public Hearings. All other comments must either be made in person at the meeting, or sent via email to Town Clerk Michael Standish at for distribution to the Town Council prior to the meeting.  


How to register for a Virtual Speaker Card at a Public Hearing

Step 1.Virtual Speaker Cards are only available for agenda items listed as Public Hearings.

Each speaker is given three minutes to speak.

Step 2.Complete the Virtual Speaker Card request.

The Virtual Speaker Card request is available here. Virtual Speaker Card request.

  • Each entry with a red asterisk (*) will need to be filled out. This information will be shared with the Town of Oro Valley’s Clerks Office.
  • If there are multiple Public Hearings on the agenda, please fill out a separate speaker request card for each Public Hearing agenda item you’d like to speak on.
  • Please be specific as to which number you wish to speak on. (For example: 1 or 3.B.) The agenda item number can be found under the “Regular Agenda” section.
  • In the “Topic for Discussion” section, please specify what you wish to discuss regarding the agenda item number.