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Oro Valley Boards and Commissions

The Board of Adjustment (BOA) -

The Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial board has the power to review and decide on administrative decisions or zoning requirements that create unnecessary hardships in the development of property because of exceptional or extraordinary conditions. Since the Board of Adjustment is quasi-judicial, the Board makes final decisions on items that come before it. Members serve a two year term.

Budget and Finance Commission (BFC) -

The Budget and Finance Commission acts in an advisory capacity to the Town Council on policy related issues associated with the elected body’s fiduciary responsibilities, including review of the Town Manager’s recommended budget, review the Town’s annual financial audit, and other financial policy matters as directed. Members of the Commission shall have a background or experience in accounting, finance, banking, investments or other related business administration area. Members serve a two year term and are limited to two consecutive terms.

Health Care Benefits Trust

The Oro Valley Health Care Benefits Trust is a repository for funding the Town’s self-insured insurance programs under Arizona state statute. Members of the Trust, referred to as Trustees, are tasked with administration of those funds in accordance with the terms of the Council-authorized programs and trust document. Trustees are required to have expertise in the field of finance, employee benefits, health care, human resources, or risk management.

Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) -

The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) was formed to promote the educational, cultural and economic welfare of the Town of Oro Valley by insuring the preservation of historic buildings, districts, landmarks, structures, documents, photographs and other artifacts that represent the historic background and development of the greater Oro Valley area. Members serve a three year term and are limited to two consecutive terms.

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) -

The Parks & Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) acts in an advisory capacity to the Town Council in matters pertaining to parks and recreation, parks design, open space and trail use (prior to the review comments being submitted to other Boards, Commissions or the Council). Members serve a two year term and are limited to two consecutive terms.

Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) 

The Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) holds public meetings and makes recommendations to the Town Council on matters relating to the General Plan, zoning code amendments, rezoning and other land use requests. Members serve a two year term and are limited to two consecutive terms.

Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS)

Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS) is governed by State guidelines. The local PSPRS board was created to provide a uniform, consistent and equitable statewide retirement program for public safety personnel who are regularly assigned hazardous duty in the employ of the State of Arizona or a political subdivision of the state

Storm Water Utility Commission (SWUC)

The Storm Water Utility Commission (SWUC) makes recommendations on issues relating to flood control and storm water quality management and the issuance of bonds for storm water activities and prescribes service charges. Members serve a two year term and are limited to two consecutive terms. 

Tucson - Pima County Bicycle Advisory Committee 

The Town of Oro Valley provides a citizen representative to be part of a joint committee to act as the official advisory body on bicycling matters to Pima County and the City of Tucson.

Water Utility Commission (WUC) -

 The Water Utility Commission (WUC) members advise the Town Council on issues relating to water, including water policies, water rates, water resources and water conservation. Members serve a three year term and are limited to two consecutive terms.

Member Responsibilities

Board and Commission applicants are required to be Oro Valley residents. *This does not pertain to the Water Utility Commission's Countryside Member, as this member must be a resident of the Countryside Water Service Area and also be a customer of Oro Valley Water Utility.

Board and Commission members are expected to attend their commissions respective meetings and conduct themselves in a manner according to  the Town's Parliamentary Rules and Procedures and Arizona Open Meeting Law*. In addition members are required to complete or commit to completing the Oro Valley Community Academy or CPI.

Board and Commission members are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Mayor and Town Council.

* A person elected or appointed to a public body is required by statute to review the open meeting law materials at least one day before taking office. You may review the open meeting law on the Arizona State Legislature’s website at A.R.S. Title 38, Chapter 3, Article 3.1



Step 1.Determine what Board and Commission(s) you are interested in

Descriptions for the Town's Boards and Commissions can be found by opening the Oro Valley Board and Commission tab above

Step 2.Review the Member Responsibilities as listed in the tab above

Step 3.Submit application and supporting documentation online

Click on the "Apply for a Board and Commission" button below. Complete the application and indicate the board(s) you wish to apply for. Provide your physical address under street address. You will be able to attach a resume and/or other document(s) if applicable.

You will have the option to save your application for later submission or to submit your application when completed.

Your completed application will be forwarded to the applicable panel for review. If selected, you will be contacted to schedule an interview with the applicable panel members. 

Board and Commission applications are kept on file for two years from the date of submission and can be resubmitted upon request from the applicant. 

Apply for a Board and Commission