Internet Safety and Sexting

What is Sexting?
SEXTING is illegal.  It is the act of sending indecent or sexually explicit images or photographs, primarily between mobile phones.  In most instances, the intended recipient is a current or prospective boyfriend/girlfriend.  Sexting has recently become very popular among teens and tweens. 

Remember that just because a photo or image has been deleted off a mobile phone doesn't mean that photo hasn't been archived elsewhere.  Once it's out there it's out there!

The Law
In Arizona, it is a crime for a juvenile to intentionally use an electronic communication device (i.e. a mobile phone) to transmit, display, circulate, or possess indecent or sexual images of a minor.

The Consequences
SEXTING is a petty offense which carries a fine of up to $300 if the image is sent or shown to only one other person.  If the image is sent to more than one other person, it is a class 3 misdemeanor, which carries a penalty of up to 30 days incarceration, a $500 fine, and may include counseling, community service, and probation conditions.

A second or third offense is a more serious crime which had more serious penalties and includes a significant amount of jail time.

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