Apply for a Zoning Verification

A zoning verification is an official letter issued by the Town of Oro Valley that addresses legal uses, zoning, compliance and development history, as requested.

Process Steps

Step 1.Review Required Information

  • Review the Zoning Verification Process Guide(PDF, 249KB)
  • On your company letterhead, please list your specific inquiries on a property (for example: zoning designation, allowed uses, violations, rebuild, etc.). Zoning verification letters vary based on the information requested by an applicant.

Step 2.Submit your Zoning Verification Request

  • Complete a General Application(PDF, 82KB)
  • Email the General Application and your detailed request letter in PDF format to (preferred method)
  • You may also submit by regular mail and include a check payable to the Town of Oro Valley
  • Applications will not be reviewed until any fees due are paid

Step 3.Staff Review and Notification

  • The zoning verification letter, along with supporting documentation and payment receipt, will be emailed to the applicant listed within ten (10) business days. If any needed information is missing from your submission, staff will contact you.