Follow-up informational videos for proposed General Plan Amendments

Published on April 30, 2020

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The Town of Oro Valley posted separate follow-up videos on the Town’s website and YouTube today for two separately proposed General Plan Amendments and associated rezonings. The videos consist of responses to area residents’ questions and comments generated from two informational videos posted on April 10. Links to the follow-up video, as well as the initial April 10 video, can be found in the individual project descriptions below.

The April 10 videos were watched extensively. The Vistoso Golf Proposed General Plan Amendment was viewed more than 1,400 times by over 1,100 viewers and received approximately 1,100 comments. The Tangerine and 1st Ave video was viewed more than 400 times by approximately 300 viewers and received more than 20 comments.

The proposed General Plan Amendments and associated rezonings are requests from property owners to develop their private property. All property owners have the right to request review of their development proposal. This is not the Town’s proposal – it is the property owner’s.

The Town is required to provide due process in a timely manner as proscribed by state law. Furthermore, state law requires General Plan Amendments be heard in the same calendar year in which they are submitted. This means Town Council must consider the application at public hearing no later than December of this year.

Video chapters
Video chapters have been added in the YouTube description for each channel to easily click to answers. YouTube links to the April 30 follow-up and April 10 informational videos are listed in the project information below.

The two proposals include:

·         Vistoso Golf proposed General Plan Amendment and Rezoning (Case# 2000844)

o   Description: The applicant is proposing a General Plan amendment and rezoning for the Golf Club at Vistoso to include a senior care facility, a mix of residential subdivisions, open space and trails.

o   Link to follow-up April 30 video:

o   May 14 Zoom meeting ID: 921 2282 7563

o   May 14 Zoom meeting phone #: 301-715-8592

o   Link to April 10 video:

o   Link to project page:

o   Reference: Vistoso Golf

·         Southeast of Tangerine Road and N. 1st Avenue Intersection proposed General Plan Amendment and Rezoning (Case# 2000882)

o   Description: Proposed General Plan Amendment and Rezoning to enable development of a senior care facility, multi-family residential or townhomes

o   Link to follow-up April 30 video:

o   May 21 Zoom meeting ID: 986 3253 1728

o   May 21 Zoom meeting phone #: 253-215-8782

o   Link to April 10 video:

o   Link to project page:

o   Reference: Tangerine and 1st Avenue

Please note that the Town will launch its new website on Friday, May 1 (tomorrow) and in addition to finding project info at, the proposed General Plan Amendments will have a button on the Town’s new home page. (See yellow arrow in photo below).

Typically, an in-person neighborhood meeting is held prior to formal submittal of a General Plan Amendment and/or rezoning application. With the ongoing COVID-19 social distancing requirements, alternative methods are necessary and the best solution under the existing circumstances and timing requirements. The Zoning Code enables the Planning and Zoning Administrator to approve alternative methods of public outreach when warranted.

This modified process is only being used due to the current social distancing requirements and does not take the place of a much valued in-person neighborhood meeting. The Town’s aim is to provide such opportunities in the late summer and fall, safety permitting. The Town will also host and facilitate web-based, fully interactive Zoom meetings in May to offer residents a chance to ask questions and offer their comments.

Zoom Video Conferencing
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Town will be utilizing Zoom video conferencing for follow up meetings. Zoom also allows residents to dial in via telephone as well.

Web-based, fully interactive Zoom meetings have been scheduled for both projects:

Vistoso Golf Zoom meeting – May 14, 2020 at 6 p.m.

  • May 14 Zoom meeting ID: 921 2282 7563
  • May 14 Zoom meeting phone #: 301-715-8592

Tangerine & 1st Ave Zoom meeting – May 21, 2020 at 6 p.m.

  • May 21 Zoom meeting ID: 986 3253 1728
  • May 21 Zoom meeting phone #: 253-215-8782

To setup Zoom video conferencing, visit to set up an account. On the date and time of the meeting use the Zoom meeting ID (provided in each of the project descriptions above) and join the meeting.

All members of the public who participate in the Zoom meeting either with video or telephonically will enter the meeting with microphones muted. For those participating via computer/tablet/phone device, you may choose whether to turn your video on or not.  If you would like to speak, you will have the opportunity to be recognized when you electronically “raise your hand”—done by selecting a button in the Zoom application.  For those participating by phone, you can press *9, which will show the Chair that your hand is raised.  When you are recognized at the meeting by the Chair, your microphone will be unmuted by a member of staff and you will have three minutes to speak before your microphone is again muted.

All questions and comments should be submitted via email to or by phone, 520-229-4711. When submitting a comment or question, please include your name, address and subject reference for the project you are commenting on.

For more information visit or contact