West Lambert Lane Park

Walking trail on hillside filled with palo verde trees and desert scrub brush with saguaro rising in distance

NOTICE:  With the warmer weather, desert creatures will become more active.  This may include rattlesnakes, scorpions, coyotes, and javelina.  Please tread carefully and keep dogs on a leash.

West Lambert Lane Park is the perfect introduction to Sonoran Desert hiking. Enjoy a walk with your dog on the natural trails. Dust off the metal detector and search for hidden treasure. Pull out your binoculars and spot a Phainopepla or Vermilion Flycatcher. Take a moment to rest on a bench that overlooks the hills of Oro Valley. Trails range from .25 to .5 miles in length. 


1750 W. Lambert Lane, Oro Valley 85737  View Map

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