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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan guides Town decision-making and resource management in pursuit of organizational goals. It is “strategic” in the sense that it provides guidance over a 2 to 5 year timeframe. The strategic plan will be reviewed and updated periodically by the Town Council and management to ensure that the goals, strategies and actions outlined herein remain relevant. Oro Valley will continue to have success because the organization is flexible enough to respond to local, national and global change.

The Strategic Plan is grounded in the “vision” expressed in the Council-adopted and voter-ratified Oro Valley General Plan. While the Strategic Plan guides short-term decision-making, the General Plan provides a long-term (up to 20 years) direction regarding the growth, development and redevelopment of the community.

Oro Valley is a community defined by the highest standard of environmental integrity, education, infrastructure, services and public safety. It is a community of people working together to create the Town’s future with a government that is responsive to residents and ensures the long-term financial stability of the Town.


  • Economic Development
  • Complete Community
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Town Assets
  • Public Safety
  • Water and Resource Energy
  • Cultural Resources
  • Land Use and Design
  • Transportation
  • Cost of Services

These Focus Areas provide the framework for the Strategic Plan and indicate where the organization must direct resources in order to address the needs and desires of the community. There are one or more Goals under each Focus Area, along with specific Strategies and Actions to be taken by the organization in order to achieve those Goals.