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What's right with Oro Valley? Let me tell you...

Interim Town Manager Daniel G. Sharp with OV Seal and US flag in background

As I begin my tenure as interim town manager, I've had the opportunity to step back and take a broader look at our organization and at our community, and ask the question: "What’s right with Oro Valley?" As a resident and 16-year employee with the town, that's an easy question to answer: Town of Oro Valley employees. Every day, they're providing services to make our community great. That is "what's right with Oro Valley."

June 14, 2016

Many in our community may not know about all the departments, staff, dedication and leadership it takes to provide the services and amenities that maintain Oro Valley’s high quality of life.

It is imperative to have employees who work together as one to not only maintain our community of excellence, but also to move it forward to meet our residents’ changing needs. Former Town Manager Greg Caton encouraged our team to work as one, and he led by example. As your interim town manager, I plan on continuing this philosophy. The Town of Oro Valley’s staff is professional and dedicated to our community across all departments: Community Development and Public Works, Administration, Parks and Recreation, Water and Public Safety.

Community Development is responsible for maintaining the integrity of building planning, permitting, inspection and compliance for our community. This division has streamlined and simplified the process to plan, obtain permits and keep building safety a priority. As a result, new residents, businesses, home builders and corporations want to come to Oro Valley.

Public Works is responsible for our engineering, operations and transit. Engineering keeps our community’s roads and traffic safe by planning, making safety improvements and providing maintenance. Our fleet and facility maintenance keeps work areas and vehicles safely maintained, saving the town money on costly repairs. Transit services works with the Regional Transportation Authority to improve transportation options and regional mobility.

Administration is a general term that encompasses several departments and divisions, including Finance, Economic Development, Communications, Human Resources, Legal Services and the Town Clerk. These men and women are essential for the Town’s daily operations, working behind the scenes to improve functionality for staff and the residents they serve.
Parks and Recreation manages all of our beautiful parks, our competition-level Aquatic Center and our phenomenal Community Center. The Parks and Recreation staff work hard to stay up-to-date on the recreational activities and amenities our residents want, planning activities for all ages so the entire community can come together.

Water Utility does not get a lot of attention, but is one of our most important departments. Employees understand the importance of the infrastructure required to provide the town with the high-quality water, while implementing conservation measurements and planning for our water future.

The Oro Valley Police Department has men and women who provide the best service to the Oro Valley community. Our officers, civilians and volunteers pride themselves on their professionalism and integrity, and they always put service first.

I am in awe of our employees and the skills, training and commitment they bring to work each day. As the interim town manager—and as a resident—I pledge to continue working hard for this community, leading the charge as we strive to keep Oro Valley a community of excellence.

By Interim Town Manager Daniel G. Sharp  - Explorer Newspaper, June 14, 2016