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The Town of Oro Valley is preparing to launch a brand new website this spring, and we need your help!

February 19, 2020

Building a new website is kind of like moving into a new home. Before you move all the furniture into the house, you first make sure you like the look and layout. Once you have the house the way you want it, THEN you move all the furniture in. And that’s where we are with the new website. We’ve created a test site (or beta site) with about 30% of the content so we can show you the design and navigation. Before we move the rest of the content, we want to know what YOU think!


Visit the beta site and give it a walk-through. We’ve set up a simple, four-question survey to get your input.  We’ll be asking you questions like:

·         Do the menus and navigation make sense?

·         Is information easy to find?

·         Do you like the look and layout?

But remember, since this is a beta site, it only has about 30% of the content. We haven’t moved all the “furniture” in yet. There may be info you can’t find, and that’s okay, because we want you to focus on the structure and flow of the website.

Your input will be critical to the success of the final website that we’re planning to launch by April 2020. The feedback survey will be open until February 23, so be sure to take the survey before then. And if you have a friend or neighbor who might be interested in testing out the beta site as well, feel free to share this email. The more, the merrier!

Test website:

Feedback survey:


As residents’ needs evolve and technology changes, it’s important that we periodically assess our tools and services. It’s been about seven years since the Town of Oro Valley launched a new website—so much has changed since then! As such, the Town is partnering with OpenCities to develop a new website. Our goal is that this new site will greatly improve online services and increase citizen engagement. The OpenCities platform will enable us to improve search results, enhance display and navigation, and implement an online engagement tool so residents can chime in on specific topics, projects or questions. Since we’re only in the early beta testing phase, some of these features aren’t yet available; however, we look forward to showcasing all of the improvements and new features when we launch the full website in April!

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at