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Storm Update - Sandbag information and message from OV Water Utility

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A limited supply of unfilled sandbags and sand is still available at the Golder Ranch Fire Station at 355 E. Linda Vista Blvd. until 1:30 p.m. this afternoon, at which time staffing and resources will shift from a preparedness perspective to a response perspective.

September 17, 2014

Should sand bags be needed after 1:30 p.m., or if the supply at Linda Vista run out, the Pima County Office of Emergency Management has recommended that Oro Valley and Golder Ranch Fire District residents pick up sand and sand bags at other distribution points across the county. Please note there may be long wait lines, and supplies not guaranteed.

As the storm enters the Tucson-Metro area this afternoon, officials would like to remind residents to stay indoors and off the roads. For the latest news on Town of Oro Valley storm preparations and recovery efforts, visit us online at or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Town of Marana distribution points
Sandbags will be available until 3 p.m. today or while supplies last.
• 5100 W. Ina Rd.
• 12775 Sanders Rd.

City of Tucson distribution points
Sand bags will not be pre-filled. It is self-service with 10 bags per person so that the City can accommodate as many residents as possible. The City will supply sand, sand bags, ties and shovels.
• North side - Ft Lowell Park @ the parking lot off of Craycroft
• Central - Reid Park @ Randolph Way and 22nd Street in the parking lot east of elephant exhibit
• South side - COT staging yard between 6647 and 6663 S. Missiondale Rd (east side of the road)
• East side - Udall Park just south of the buildings at the recycle/treecycle yard
• West side - Menlo Park just west of the pool @ Fresno St.
• Southeast side - Purple Heart Park off of Rita Road

Message from Oro Valley Water Utility
Oro Valley Water Utility recommends that residents prepare for potential water outages caused by the storm over the next two days. Plan to have drinking water available for family members and pets by filling containers or purchasing bottled water. The Utility is also requesting that irrigation systems be turned off during the storm to reduce demands on the public water system in the event of a water outage.