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Oro Valley Town Talk: Oro Valley budget: What's in it for residents?

Photo of Oro Valley Town Manager Greg Caton

Now that Oro Valley Town Council has approved the FY 2014-15 budget, I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about what’s in the budget for our residents. As the town went through the budget process early in the calendar year, seeking community input, we heard from Oro Valley residents on specific issues. As the budget was developed, town council wanted to ensure the inclusion of the things that are important to you:

June 18, 2014
  • Over-seeding multi-sport fields at Riverfront Park
  • Partnership with the Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance
  • Steam Pump Ranch
  • Mail the town’s VISTA newsletter bi-monthly in water utility bills to residents and increase the frequency to improve communication
  • Restrooms at Naranja Park
  • Funding for improved fireworks for the 4th of July celebration
  • Special Event – Oro Valley Meet Yourself
  • Parking improvements at the Aquatic Center
  • Riverfront Park playground improvements
  • Aquatic Center improvements
  • Children’s Museum

What else can residents expect from the FY 2014-15 budget?
The FY 2014-15 budget ensures ongoing funding of public safety and community-based programs such as School Resource Officers, Adopt-A-Business and Citizen Volunteer Assistants Program (CVAP). It also provides for Sun Shuttle Dial-A-Ride transit services, for which everyone is eligible. It is operated in conjunction with the Sun Tran system for the general public, and provides direct service for seniors and disabled community members. $1.1 million has been earmarked for the Pavement Preservation Program in the Highway Fund, which maintains the current condition of our roads—the best in the region. There is also adequate funding for reliable, quality water which is responsibly managed through use of re-claimed water, distribution of Central Arizona Project (CAP) water and advanced meter reading infrastructure. Lastly, the Town is investing in special events such as the annual July 4th Celebration, Holiday Tree Lighting Celebration, and seasonal festivals at Steam Pump Ranch. The town also partners with community members and organizations to fund three concert series programs.

The FY 2014-15 budget has not only been developed to support the voter-approved General Plan and the town council-adopted Strategic plan; it was also developed to ensure the quality of life for which our community is known. Thank you to our residents for your valuable input in this process.

What does all this cost the average Oro Valley household?
The Town of Oro Valley does NOT levy a property tax. Based on FY 2013-14, town residents pay approximately $378 per year, per household, in sales tax and utility taxes to Oro Valley to fund these services and programs.

By Town Manager Greg Caton   - Explorer Newspaper, 06/18/14