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My Thanksgiving wish for Oro Valley

Photo of Mayor Satish I. Hiremath with Town Seal in background

It’s no secret that our community has been through a lot these past few months. Sometimes we become so distracted that the beauty of everyday life takes a back seat. Regardless of our background, age, profession or personal interests, it’s all too easy to lament the things that we don’t have or the things that we want to change. We forget to focus on the things that are important such as appreciating what we have and who we love.

November 17, 2015

Luckily, Thanksgiving - my favorite holiday - is right around the corner to help bring us back to a mindset of gratitude. I would encourage everyone to realize that even the simplest things in our lives can be precious reasons for thanks.

We should learn to appreciate what we have, both in our personal lives and as a whole community. The mountain views we enjoy. The stunningly beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The safety we feel in our neighborhoods. The quality of our roads, our beautiful parks and the many services upon which we can depend. And the fact that we have a town of interested, engaged residents who care about Oro Valley and care enough to help those in need in our community.

I’ll share something with you that wasn’t trumpeted in any press releases or covered by the news. Your town of Oro Valley employees — the men and women who have dedicated themselves to public service — are among those who care about those in need. Just last week, they donated 1,731 pounds of food for the Edward Jones Bag-A-Thon, to benefit Interfaith Community Services. This food will be given to less fortunate families who need a helping hand this holiday season.

When we are kind and giving, we are demonstrating the highest level of gratitude: gratitude for each other.

Every time I’m out in the community talking to people, it’s interesting to learn just how many things they love and are thankful for. Yet so often, we don’t share our stories with one another. So I challenge you to not just be mindful in your thanks, but to tell your friends, family and colleagues. Vocalize your gratitude this year. And I invite you to tell me, your mayor. Email me at and tell me what you’re thankful for — big or small. I can think of no better way of celebrating Thanksgiving this year than hearing about your personal stories of thanks.

I learned a long time ago that once time passes, we can never get it back. As we enter the holiday season, take time to enjoy what you have, what you love and the people you love by attending one of Oro Valley’s many special events. Bring a friend or neighbor so that no-one spends the holidays alone. This is my Thanksgiving wish for all.

By Mayor Satish I. Hiremath, D.D.S.   - Explorer Newspaper, 11/17/15