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Featured Artist: Mark Little

Each month a new local artist is given the opportunity to feature work in Oro Valley Council Chambers. If you are a local artist or you know of a local artist that would like to be featured in the Council Chambers, please call 520-229-4700. If you would like to view the featured art, please schedule an appointment with Economic Development Specialist Margie Adler at 520-229-4758 or Click here for an archive of featured artists.

"Homeless" painting by Mark Little

"My life is a working through the process of merging thought and physical energy in between the auras of other entities, to develop the person I am and to enhance others by hjelping them discover the wondrous being inside themselves. Just as the figures in my paintings need each other to be complete, so my life is consolidated by the give and take of others, and their atmospherical integration through love." - Mark Little

March 1, 2019

Mark dearly loves his mother and admits that she has been a statue of continued support, motivation and strength. When the loyalty of friends and relationships waned, her warm embrace was always there. 

His creative development blossomed during his early childhood in Springfield, Illinois, where he lived with his family until the age of twelve. Mark had further exposure to art at Los Angeles Trade Tech College, Commercial Art Department and at El Camino College, Graphics and Illustration. He has also taught Art at the Watts Towers Art Center in Los Angeles, California. 

During the fifteen years he lived in San Pedro, California, Mark enjoyed teaching art at the County Historical Museum of Arts, Los Angeles. He received honorable recognition for his work from the Museum. 

Mark has an extreme fondness for sunlight; it being one of his primary stimuli for painting. His work reflects an uncanny deja vu of a moment in time. Sometimes making the future, past and present seem to merge together. The auras of each figure in the composition seem to merge with the spiritual elements of the surrounding space, giving the work a wonderful timeless mood. 

Mark's work is a part of the permanent collection of US BankCorp, State of Orgeno Department of Human Resources, Portland State Univeristy, City of Portland, Commission for the Arts, Visual Chronicle. Add to this list back-drop work for Universal Studios, Hollywood California and many Mural projects for numerous private businesses. 


Painting by Mark Little
Painting by Mark Little