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Business Spotlight: Blue Banana Frozen Yogurt

Blue Banana Yogurt is this month’s Business Spotlight as well as this month's selected OV Cash Mob.  
Husband and wife and Tucsonan natives Rick and Linda Brady bring inspiration, hard-work and attention to detail to Blue Banana Frozen Yogurt, located at the Oro Valley Marketplace.  In 2008, Rick left his 36-year career in the electrical field and Linda, a retired teacher decided to open a business that would prove resilient during a recession.

July 17, 2013

After brainstorming with Linda’s brother-in-law in California, they decided that a franchise business was not the right fit and decided to create their own business model.  The name Blue Banana is inspired by the Blue Java banana the couple learned about on a cruise through the Panama Canal.  This particular fruit is also known as the Ice Cream banana, because of its unique texture and vanilla flavor.    Blue Banana is also known as the European economic and cultural district  that runs from northern England to Northern Italy.   With this inspiration and the simple reality that Blue Banana is a catchy name, the Brady’s knew they were onto something when they decided to brand their business.  Blue Banana officially opened in January 2011. 

Rick and Linda’s main focus is on providing the best product available.   Their frozen yogurts are not made from powder and are delivered frozen from YoCream, a renowned manufacturer in Portland, Oregon.  This ensures that their yogurts contain live and active cultures.  Their product is Kosher certified and 95% of their offerings are gluten free.  They also offer a sugar-free variety.  Both Rick and Linda are graduates of the YoCream's “Yo University" yet another demonstration of the Brady’s commitment to the products they provide.  New flavors are always being churned out including the latest: French toast.   Rick also crafts other tasty treats including gelatos and sorbets.   Rick uses the best Italian ingredients for his gelatos, but adds that local Blue Banana twist by making amazingly unique flavors like lemon blueberry crumb cake and chocolate fudge sorbet.   

In addition to providing tasty treats, the Brady’s are always looking at ways to give back to their community.  Blue Banana’s frozen yogurt cart enables the Brady’s to participate in events, such as the Canyon Del Oro “Band Days,” where they donated 20% of their sales to the fundraising cause.   They also get involved in church and hospital events.  Additionally, they cater dessert for weddings and dinners.  The Brady’s are always looking for opportunities to grow their brand and community outreach and offer discounts for the employees of neighboring businesses at Oro Valley Marketplace.  

You can get more information about Blue Banana by visiting Oro Valley’s Business Navigator.