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Bear Down, Oro Valley! UA announces OV campus

Photo of Town Manager Greg Caton with Oro Valley Town Seal and dark background

It’s hard to have missed the headlines and press releases, but some people still haven’t heard the big news: The University of Arizona has selected Oro Valley for its new doctor of veterinary medicine degree program. And while having a UA campus in Oro Valley is a huge deal, it’s merely the tip of the iceberg.

October 21, 2015

The Metro Tucson region is so fortunate to have the University of Arizona, which plays a major role in economic development, employment and the development of intellectual capital through its status as a major research university.

There is no doubt  Tucson’s success as a community is in large part due to the impact of the University of Arizona. And that’s why we are so excited about their most recent announcement.

The value of this decision goes way beyond just having a campus.

As the University of Arizona expands its footprint into Oro Valley, the town will receive immediate benefits such as employment opportunities, increased intellectual capital and more people dining in our restaurants, shopping in our stores and taking advantage of our diverse selection of housing options.

More importantly, the University will add much to what already makes the Town of Oro Valley thrive through innovation, bioscience and diagnostics.

As the university’s vision unfolds, the ancillary businesses and other institutions that will now be attracted to Oro Valley will bring tremendous opportunities.

To use a familiar analogy, the process is similar to what occurs when cities land a vehicle assembly plant. 

What follows the assembly plant? The answer is the individual suppliers.

Oro Valley has just landed its “assembly plant,” and over the next five years, the “suppliers” will follow the University of Arizona.

So, we are at the beginning of a very strong future for Oro Valley.

In addition, the University’s One Health initiative will further develop Oro Valley’s brand in the industry, and the world, as a place to innovate and create in the bioscience, diagnostics and other related fields.

As university officials stated, “One Health refers to the discovery of preventative health solutions using interdisciplinary approaches and involving many partners — industries, governments, NGOs and communities.

It is founded on the inextricable connections between humans and animals; through understanding and predicting the global transmission of disease from animals to humans, and then using this information to drive health care delivery and preventative solutions to avert pandemics and minimize their impact.

One Health research tackles complex local and global health problems by bringing together numerous disciplines to focus on health and wellbeing for all with the goal to predict, prevent, protect.”

Some of you may be wondering: “Why did UA choose Oro Valley?”

It wasn’t a decision that came lightly or overnight.

As a result of the town’s hard work and sound decision-making, we are now well-positioned to secure these kinds of opportunities.

The University of Arizona — and other high-tech, bioscience employers — see Oro Valley as a community prepared for their industry because we have created Innovation Park and Foothills Business Park.

They see that we have been able to retain world-class companies like Ventana Roche and Sanofi. And we have prepared ourselves for a young and diverse workforce by investing in arts and culture, family-friendly amenities and a variety of housing options.

That is why the University of Arizona chose Oro Valley. And that is why Oro Valley will continue on its trajectory as a global hub for research and the bioscience/high-tech industry.

By Town Manager Greg Caton  - Explorer Newspaper, October 21, 2015