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Photo of Mayor Hiremath with Town Seal in background

It's true that in Arizona, we love to brag about our weather during these winter months while people in colder climates are still shoveling snow. Late winter and early spring - the months in which we now find ourselves - are among the best here in the desert.

Photo of Mayor Hiremath with Town of Oro Valley Seal

The Town of Oro Valley is at a crossroads. We have the opportunity to purchase 324 acres of land in the heart of our community, a 31,475-square-foot building which could be converted into a community and recreation center, 31 tennis courts, 45 holes of golf and two swimming pools, all for $1 million in cash over a three-year period.

Front entrance and driveway of country club

At its December 17, 2014 regular meeting, Oro Valley Town Council approved a resolution for the acquisition of the El Conquistador Country Club and its related amenities, including 324 acres of land, a 31,475 square-foot building, restaurant, 31 tennis courts, 45 holes of golf and two swimming pools for $1 million. The country club will be converted into a municipal community and recreation center.

Photo of Councilmember Mary Snider and Town Seal

A little over a year ago, I wrote an article for The Explorer entitled: "In OV, we’re proud of our young people, and we want them to know it." The inspiration behind that piece was my ongoing commitment to the youth in our community, and the responsibilities we have to ensure they are engaged and recognized.

Photo of Town Clerk Julie Bower and OV Seal

On Aug. 26, the Town of Oro Valley conducted its primary election. Previously, the town’s nonpartisan primary and general elections were held in March and May respectively and conducted as mail ballot elections. Due to a recent change in state law (HB 2826), the town is now required to consolidate its primary and general elections with Pima County’s partisan primary polling place election in August, and the general polling place election in November.

Photo of Councilmembers Joe Hornat and Mike Zinkin

For the past five months, the Town of Oro Valley staff, as part of the Your Voice, Our Future project, has led a series of public outreach efforts and events to garner input as we plan for our community’s future. Those efforts included 60 community events and workshops, a phone survey, and online surveys at

Councilmember Joe Hornat's Explorer article June 19, 2013

Why is there a General Plan?
Here is a quick answer from our website: According to the State of Arizona’s Growing Smarter/Plus statutes, every city and county in Arizona is required to adopt and maintain a general plan.

Councilmember Mary Snider with 4th grade tour

You may be surprised to learn that, according to 2010 Census data, there are now as many residents in Oro Valley under the age of 18 as there are over the age of 65. No longer just a “retirement” community, Oro Valley is now taking a look at its new profile and asking an important question: Are we meeting the needs of all residents?