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Water Conservation

According to the EPA, the average household loses more than 10,000 gallons of water each year through leaks— that’s the same amount of water needed to wash 280 loads of laundry, take 600 showers or meet the average family’s water needs for a month. Fortunately, most leaks are easy to find if you know where to look and are simple to fix. View the Smart Home Water Guide website or PDF flyer for more information.

Water Conservation Program & Audits
Water conservation is an important factor in balancing our current and future needs. The Water Conservation Program is an important element in the overall water resource management efforts of the Utility. It focuses on water audits, youth and adult education, incentives and cooperative relationships that deal with current issues and research. Free water conservation audits are available to residential and commercial property owners and will provide an evaluation of irrigation and backflow systems. For questions or to schedule a free water conservation audit, contact Karn Boyce at (520) 229-5024 or

Additional conservation resources:

Central Arizona Project (CAP) Water
Through an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the City of Tucson, the Town of Oro Valley began delivering CAP water in January 2012. The delivery of renewable CAP water will reduce the use of groundwater which will help protect and preserve the aquifer.

Reclaimed Water
The use of reclaimed water for turf irrigation has a beneficial impact on the Utility’s ability to meet potable water demands during peak use months. In addition, non-turf irrigation uses such as landscape irrigation, construction water, dust control, car washes, street cleaning and recreational uses may also be served with reclaimed water and help reduce demands on the groundwater aquifer.