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Potable and Reclaim Water

The primary responsibility of the utility is the protection of public health and safety through the production and efficient delivery of water that meets and/or exceeds water quality standards and in sufficient quantity to meet customer demands. Other responsibilities include:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Customer Service
  • Promotion of Water Conservation
  • Automated Payment
  • Generation of Customer Billings
  • Collection of Utility Revenues
  • Efficient Use of Available Resources and Coordination with the Development Community
  • Significant activities to accomplish these responsibilities include:
  • Water quality
  • Maintenance of system equipment
  • Repair of leaks and other system deficiencies
  • System Upgrades
  • Meter reading
  • Customer billing
  • Contract management
  • Construction inspection
  • Plan review
  • Project management and public education and information   

Potable Water System
This past year the Engineering and Planning Division completed construction for a production well located south of Pusch View Lane. The Town installed approximately 16,000 feet of new water main in the Highlands subdivision and installed 2,500 feet of transmission main on Innovation Park Drive. Staff also completed engineering design for a new booster station and design for a 3.0 million gallon reservoir. The projects are identified in the Potable Water System Master Plan adopted by Mayor and Council in August of 2006. They are designed to improve existing facilities and help the Utility keep pace with increased demands due to growth within the Town and water service areas.

Reclaimed Water
The second phase of the Reclaimed Water Delivery System is complete. The use of reclaimed water for turf irrigation has a beneficial impact on the Utility’s ability to meet potable water demands during peak use months. The Utility will continue to look for opportunities to expand the customer base of the reclaimed water system for turf irrigation such as the proposed Naranja Town Site. In addition, non-turf irrigation uses such as landscape irrigation, construction water, dust control, car washes, street cleaning and recreational uses may also be served with reclaimed water and help reduce demands on the groundwater aquifer. The recently completed La Canada Roadway Improvements Project and Phase 2 Reclaimed Pipeline Project used reclaimed water for construction, pipeline testing, and dust control purposes. Public Works is currently using reclaimed water for street cleaning and other approved maintenance purposes. This saves the Town both water and money.

Even with the use of reclaimed water, Oro Valley will remain dependent on groundwater for a portion of their water supply now and in the future. The Potable Water System Master Plan indicates the need to continue to add new wells and rehabilitate existing wells even with implementation and expansion of the reclaimed water system.