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In Case of Emergency

  • In case of Divorce
    Divorce:  If both parties are on the account at the time of divorce, the party who is leaving can call the office, 520-229-5000, and remove his/her name from account.   If the leaving party refuses to call, the remaining party cannot remove partner’s name;  However, he/she can close the account and open a new account in his or her name only.  All applicable fees will be assessed on the new account appropriately.   (Service Establishment Fees)  
  • In case of Death
    Upon the death of an account holder, if survivor is already on the account, he or she may call the office and take the deceased’s name off the account. If the survivor is not on the account, he or she may mail, fax or bring a copy of the death certificate into the office and request we remove deceased’s name and add him/her to the account. No fees are associated with the removal or addition of surviving spouse’s name to the account as long as documentation is provided. If a relative moves into the home, a new account will be established and fees assessed appropriately.
  • Closing an Account
    To close your Oro Valley Water Account, simply call the office between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM and schedule the turn off, phone 520-229-5000. Please allow staff two days advance notice and provide a forwarding address for final billing. If a new account holder is moving into a property, the existing account will automatically be closed and final billed for that date if no closure request has been previously requested.
  • Account Authorization
    Due to confidentiality issues, Oro Valley Water Utility will not discuss an account with persons not on the account. If an account holder would like to authorize others to discuss an account on his/her behalf or add a person to the account, they may do so by making the authorization/request in writing. Mailing address: 11000 N. La Cañada Drive, Oro Valley, AZ 85737. Property management companies may discuss accounts on behalf of customers only if there is authorization by the account holder in the customer’s file. Oro Valley Water Utility does accept payments from third party payers but will not share any account information with the payer unless he/she is authorized by account holder. 
  • Landlord Agreements
    Landlord Agreements allow Oro Valley Water Utility to automatically put an account back into the landlord’s name when the tenant closes an account. All applicable fees will be assessed; currently the only fee for re-establishment of service on a Landlord account is the sewer establishment fee. All Landlord Agreements require an initial Security Deposit for non-owner occupied premises. The Security Deposit will remain on file with Oro Valley Water Utility until Landlord Agreement is terminated.  
  • Account Changes
    Some changes can be made over the telephone by anyone listed on the account; changes including address/billing information, telephone numbers, email addresses and authorized contact persons. Changes that must be made in writing are Landlord Agreements and changes in ACH, automatic payments. Please send all changes to the physical address at 11000 N La Canada Dr, Oro Valley, AZ 85737 and not to the post office box in Phoenix.