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Water Utility

It is our responsibility to ensure the protection of public health and safety through the production and efficient delivery of water that meets and/or exceeds water quality standards and in sufficient quantity to meet customer demands. We are also committed to ensuring that future expansion of our water system through developer-funded projects is done as efficiently and safely as possible.

Water Utility News and Information

Consumer Confidence Report 2017 Oro Valley System AZ0410-164

Consumer Confidence Report 2017 Countryside System AZ0410-175

Oro Valley Water Utility Commission Annual Report April 2018
Residents who are interested in applying for Water Utility Commission vacant positions can apply by visiting the Town Clerk's Boards and Commissions page.

Water Utility Rate Schedule effective June 2018

Water Rates Analysis Report (March 2018)

Oro Valley Water Utility Development Impact Fees Study (March 2014)

High Water Use Action Plan Guide
A guide to help Oro Valley Water customers look for leaks, read their meter and much more.

Can We Reach You in Case of a Water Emergency?
If you are going on vacation or planning to be away for an extended period of time, please provide the Water Utility with an emergency contact telephone number or better yet an email address for emergency contact.