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Business License

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For your convenience you may download the applications from the links below and deliver to the Clerk's Office or mail to the Clerk's office at 11000 North La Cañada Drive, Oro Valley, Arizona 85737 for processing.


Business License Required
The Town of Oro Valley requires that all persons who transact or carry on any business within its boundaries must first procure a license to do so (Town Code Article 8-2-2).  

The annual General business license fee is $80.00 and is based on a calendar year.  Payment must accompany a new license application in the form of cash, check, debit or credit card.

Public Market licenses are required for vendors whose business is located out of the Town and who participate in events such as art shows or the farmer's market.  The Public Market license fee is $20.00 and is based on a calendar year.   

In addition, Home Occupation, Peddler's/Solicitor's and/or Charitable/Religious/Educational Licenses may be required.

To obtain further information regarding Business Licenses, contact the Clerk's Office at (520) 229-4700 or view Town Code Chapter 8 Business Regulations and view Town Zoning Code Section 25.2C

Fees are Prorated Monthly (payable to the Town of Oro Valley):

January February March April May June
$80.00 $73.33 $66.67 $60.00 $53.33 $46.67
July August September October November December
$40.00 $33.33 $26.67 $20.00 $13.33 $6.67


Oro Valley has a 2.5% retail sales tax and a 4% construction sales tax in addition to the 6.1% sales tax collected by the State of Arizona and Pima County.  For clarification on sales tax only, please call Wendy Gomez in our Finance Department at 229-4733.   Sales tax update forms to add Oro Valley to your Arizona Department of Revenue tax reports are available at the Clerk's Office, and sales tax applications are available online by clicking here.

Further questions related to State Sales Tax may be directed to the Arizona Department of Revenue at (800) 843-7196 or you may visit their website at


You may also want to view the Model City Tax Code.