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Park and Rides

Park and Rides in Oro Valley

Helping you commute 
Park and Rides are the foundation for providing the community with alternative modes of transportation.  The Regional Transporation Authority (RTA) provided funding to the Town to create the infrastructure to support and create these linkage to a seamless transit system.   These facilities support carpooling, vanpools, transit, bike and other means of transportation.

Rancho Vistoso Park and Ride (1)
The Rancho Vistoso Park and Ride (2291 E Rancho Vistoso) was opened on March 2, 2009 to provide residents a regional facility serviced by the Sun Express and Sun Shuttle. This facility was designed to hold over 100 vehicles.  The Public Works department managed the design and construction of this critical element of the transit system.

The Town took this unique opportunity to include art in this project as a transit shelter. Designed and built by Moira Geoffion and Rosemary Latshaw, the shelter at the park and ride is a one of a kind tribute to the promotion of functional art.

Riverfront Park Park and Ride (2)
Through the support of the Town Council and the Park and Recreation Department the Town was able to provide a second mid-town facility.  This second location is located near several residential comminutes and provides the same access to the Sun Shuttle and Sun Express services.

The Public Works department was instrumental in the development of the Riverfront Park park and ride.  They designed and built the supporting bus bays on Lambert Lane at Calle Mira Mesa.