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Stormwater Permits, Ordinances and Floodplain

  • Stormwater quality requirements are mandated from the Federal government in the Clean Water Act. 
  • Stormwater quantity requirements are mandated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. 

To meet these requirements, the State issues general stormwater permits for municipalities.  To receive State permits, the municipalities issue ordinances to adhere to the State requirements. In this section some of the State permits and Town Ordinances required for Stormwater Management are provided.

ADEQ Permits

ADEQ Notice of Intent (NOI) & Approval Letter

Stormwater Management Program

2019 Stormwater Management Program 

Town of Oro Valley Ordinance
Stormwater Code- TOV Town Code Chapter 15.24
Floodplain Management - TOV Town Code Chapter 17

ADEQ Small MS4 Annual Reports & Approval Letters

ADEQ Annual Report & Approval Letter 2018-2019
ADEQ Annual Report & Approval Letter 2017-2018
ADEQ Annual Report & Approval Letter 2016-2017

Floodplain Management Information and Forms