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Questions and Answers on Medical Marijuana

The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA) was adopted by the Arizona voters.

This act allows medical marijuana cardholders to buy and consume 2.5 ounces, (approximately a coke can’s worth) every two weeks.

As of September of 2013 over 37,598 people have signed up for medical marijuana. (Current statistics may be obtained from the AZ Dept. of Health.) Twenty-four doctors have given 75% of all the recommendations.

Over 90% of the cardholders now live within 25 miles of a marijuana dispensary and are no longer able to cultivate their own when their card is renewed.

Of the 37,598 whom have a card, 27,316 (or approximately 72%) received a card for “Chronic Pain”. “Chronic Pain” is any pain occurring more than once for any reason. Another 7,004 (or approximately another 18%) received a card for “Chronic Pain” plus some other ailment (two or more). The allowed addition of “Chronic Pain” was the reason given for most law enforcement opposition to the original Act.

70% of the cardholders are men 
Around half of all cardholders are under the age of 40
36 of the cardholders are minors

Less than 10% of the current list have received their cards for medical doctor certified (i.e.-not naturopath, naturalist, etc.) “diseases” such as Cancer, Glaucoma, Crohn’s disease, HIV, Nausea, Seizures, etc. For example, out of the 37,598 “patients” as of this date:  213 were cancer patients; 271 were seizure sufferers; 339 were glaucoma patients; and 360 suffered from nausea. 511 also suffer from the non-disease “muscle spasms” which is a different category from “chronic pain.”

Having a medical marijuana card does NOT protect you from getting a DUI charge.

The use of Hashish (a potent form of cannabis) is not permitted under the AMMA.