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Legal Department FAQs

Civil Division

A written request for public records should be mailed to:

Town of Oro Valley
Attention: Town Clerk
11000 North La Cañada Drive
Oro Valley, Arizona 85737
(520) 229-4700
Town Clerk - Public Records

Statutes can also be accessed online at:                               
Arizona Revised Statutes - Links to all 49 Titles              

Law and Research Library Division of Arizona State Library Archives and Public Records
(602) 542-5297                      

The University of Arizona Law Library
(520) 481-2613

All Notice of Claims should be mailed within applicable statutes of limitations to:

Town of Oro Valley
Attention: Town Clerk
11000 North La Cañada Drive
Oro Valley, Arizona 85737
(520) 229-4700
Insurance Claim Form

Business license inquiries should be mailed to:

Town of Oro Valley
Attention: Town Clerk
11000 North La Cañada Drive
Oro Valley, Arizona 85737
(520) 229-4700
Town Clerk - Business License Information

Prosecution Division

A misdemeanor is a minor crime punishable by a fine and no more than six months in jail.  A felony is a serious crime that carries a potential prison sentence in the Arizona Department of Corrections often for an extended period of time.

Felonies are tried in the Pima County Superior Court by the Pima County Attorney’s Office.  The Oro Valley Prosecutor’s Office does not handle felony cases.  We are strictly a misdemeanor court.

If you are the defendant and you have not hired an attorney, then you are welcome to contact the Oro Valley Prosecutor’s office at 520-229-4760 and ask to speak to the prosecutor assigned to your case.  If you have hired a defense attorney, please direct all your questions for the prosecutor through your attorney.  The prosecutors cannot speak with you after you have hired an attorney.

If you are the victim or witness in a case you may call the Oro Valley Prosecutor’s Office at 520-229-4760 and you will be directed to the Senior Paralegal or to the Prosecutor assigned to the case.  Please provide us with the defendant’s name so that we are prepared to discuss the case with you.  If you are a victim and you have hired an attorney please have your attorney speak with our office.

If you are the defendant and you have hired an attorney, then your attorney is provided with a copy of the police report from our office.  Please contact your attorney should you wish to review your report.   

If you personally would like to purchase a copy of your report, you may contact the Oro Valley Police Department Records Division and arrange to pick up a police report from them.  For more information please see the Oro Valley Police Department Records Section.

The Oro Valley Police Department now offers accident reports online.  Please visit their accident report webpage.

Town Attorney

Generally no. Attorneys in the Legal department serve as attorneys for the Town government and Town officials, rather than for individual residents. Individuals must retain their own attorneys for legal advice and representation.

Contact your personal attorney or call:

Lawyer Referral and Information Service
177 North Church Avenue
Number 101
Tucson, Arizona 85701
(520) 623-4625
Lawyer Referral

If you have a dispute with the Town, no. Only your attorney may contact the Town Attorney assigned to the matter. In particular, the Town Attorney’s Office cannot talk to represented parties without their attorney.

The Town Attorney’s Office generally assists Town Departments and the Mayor and Council with all types of legal documents, including proposed ordinances and changes to the Town Code and other regulations. In most cases, the departments and elected officials shape their own policies and proposals for new laws, with the Town Attorney’s Office providing technical assistance and review