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Safety and Risk Management

Safety Management
Safety management in the Town of Oro Valley is a total team effort.  As we continue to grow and develop as a vibrant community, the Safety Manager and Loss Control Committee members, in concert with the various departmental management staff, focus on the implementation and sustaining of exemplary safety programs and processes.  It is our belief that we can create a true safety culture if we acknowledge:

  • Accidents and injuries are preventable
  • Safety can be managed
  • Safety is an individual as well as a group responsibility
  • Safe actions are a way of occupational and leisure life for our employees
  • Nothing is more important than employee safety

We strive to ensure all Town employees return home each day, healthy and injury free.  Further, we know that our best safety practices go a long way toward protecting our citizens as they interact with us and travel about in our constantly changing community.  These things are only possible when we Think Safety, Work Safely each and every hour of every day. 

National Safety Council

Risk Management
The primary objective of the Town of Oro Valley's Risk Management/Loss Control Program is to protect the Town against losses, which would significantly affect our personnel, operations, property, budget and ability to fulfill our responsibilities to the public.

Risk management assists the Town departments in a combined effort to minimize major negative consequences of their operations.

The Risk Manager, working closely with the Finance Department is responsible for the administration of third party liability claims, municipal pool insurance and workplace safety assistance programs.

Damage to Town of Oro Valley Property
The Risk Manager is designated as the legal claims representative for the Town and as such processes the claims against parties who have caused damage to Town property.

When restitution to the Town for damages is in order, either through the courts/prosecutor's action such as a civil compromise or as a condition of probationary status, contact should be made with the Risk Manager's office.

Claims Against the Town
Claims for restitution, against the Town, shall be filed in a timely manner through the Town Clerk's Office along with the appropriate Town Notice of Claim Form.  The Town Clerk's location, contact information and hours are:

Oro Valley Town Hall
Administration Building
11000 North La Cañada Drive
Oro Valley, AZ 85737

Phone: (520) 229-4700     Fax:  (520) 297-0428