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Mission | Values

Mission Statement

Human Resources is committed to providing quality services and support in employment, training, employee relations, benefits, compensation, employee records and safety which are delivered with a sense of friendliness, warmth and pride that meets or exceeds our customers' expectations and enables our employees to better serve our external customers.

Oro Valley Organizational Values
We are strongly committed to:

Honesty, Integrity, Trustworthiness

  • Maintain an Ethical organizational culture
  • Treat everyone fairly and with respect
  • We live up to our commitments

Openness, Accountability, Transparent Government

  • Communicate broadly to provide accurate, timely information
  • Ensure accessibility to our constituents
  • Provide avenues for citizen input
  • Manage resources responsibly and respect our community’s investment
  • through exceptional stewardship
  • Respect the public process

Respect for Diversity

  • Listen to all points of view
  • Encourage broad participation
  • Treat people equitably and with dignity

Creativity, Teamwork and Continuous Improvement

  • Include and involve stakeholders
  • Provide educational and training opportunities
  • Listen ethically and work toward achieving the best community decisions
  • Promote an atmosphere of support for change and innovation

Excellent Service

  • We are a responsive, responsible service-oriented organization
  • Go above and beyond to meet and exceed community expectations