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FY 2019-20 Budget

FY 2019-20 Budget

The Town of Oro Valley adopted its Fiscal Year 2019-20 operating and capital budget on June 5, 2019. The Town encourages citizen input in its annual budget process, and the feedback we receive is taken into consideration by the Mayor and Town Council, the Town Manager and staff when formulating the Town’s financial plan. Learn more!

We have developed this budget information page to communicate past organizational accomplishments, information relating to the budget adoption process and links to the other adopted policy documents that guide the Town’s budget preparation, the Your Voice, Our Future General Plan and the Town Council Strategic Leadership Plan.

Residents had the opportunity to attend two public hearings on the FY 2019-20 budget on May 15 and June 5, 2019.

Town Manager's Recommended Budget Study Session Presentations FY 2019-20

FY 2019-20 Tentative Adoption May 15, 2019

FY 2019-20 Final Budget Adoption June 5, 2019

Auditor General Final Budget Schedules FY 2019-20

FY 2019-20 Adopted Budget

Fiscal Year 18/19 Highlights and Achievements

  • Conducted over 100 local business retention and expansion visitations
  • Created a new business development pipeline with more than 50 prospects
  • Worked with the former and current owners of the Oro Valley Marketplace to help transition the site into a blended-use property
  • Began developing a Parks and Recreation Department Master Plan and crafted Request for Qualifications for services
  • Renovated five sport fields at James D. Kriegh Park with irrigation, valves, infield material and sod
  • Provided 43 active shooter response trainings and threat vulnerability risk assessments to nonprofits, business, schools and other community groups
  • Completed approximately 1,600 street maintenance and 150 stormwater tasks
  • Pumped 1,150 acre feet of groundwater less than the estimated sustainable production rate
  • 727 elementary students participated in the Youth Water Conservation Education program
  • Completed Zoning Code updates for signs in the public rights of way
  • Adopted two year Strategic Leadership Plan, which included input from the community, Town Council and Town staff
  • First phase of three-year plan implemented for an enhanced new employee orientation program
  • Continued to align the Town’s capital investments with Council’s Strategic Leadership Plan and financial policies
  • Increased resident understanding of the Town’s financial structure, including revenue sources, operational costs and programs, facilities and capital investments through the following:
    • Received the Distinguished Budget Presentation award from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) for the 11th consecutive year
    • Received the Certificate of Achievement for Financial Reporting Excellence from GFOA for the 26th consecutive year
    • Received the Popular Annual Financial Reporting award from GFOA for the 8th consecutive year
    • Received the Achievement of Excellence in Procurement award from the National Procurement Institute for the 12th consecutive year
    • Received an unmodified “clean” audit opinion for the Town’s annual financial statements
    • Presented monthly financial updates to Town Council and Budget & Finance Commission