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Lambert Lane Widening, Phase I

Widen to four lane divided roadway

Project planning began in 1999 with final design complete in April 2011. Construction began August 22, 2011, and the road was open for public use on June 3, 2013.

The enhancements expanded Lambert to a 4-lane roadway with medians, a multi-use path, native landscaping, sidewalks, a signalized pedestrian crossing, bus pull outs and public art. A new storm drain system combined with culverts at Highlands Wash and Pusch View Bridge allow Lambert Lane to be traversable from La Canada to Oracle during monsoon rains.

The road was constructed with an asphalt rubber layer that provides noise reduction and quicker surface water drainage. The turn bays have tightly compacted asphalt for durability against turning tires. A key element to widening the roadway was the installation of engineered retaining walls at a near vertical slope that accommodates both electrical lines above and the roadway below.

The improvements promote the compatibility and enhance all modes of transportation in the Town and to surrounding regions, including the pedestrian crossing signal at Riverfront Park and Calle Mira Mesa.

These enhancements considered all pedestrians, bicycles, transit and vehicular travelers and promote a traversable region that encompasses the richness of the Town's amenities. The public can use a sidewalk or a 10-foot multi-use path that ties into existing paths at La Canada and Pusch View Bridge, providing important connections to the Town's large network of pathways. Bicyclist can enjoy 6-foot bike lanes in both directions along Lambert Lane. Sun Tran continues to provide express services to Downtown Tucson from the Riverfront Park and Ride. 

Emblematic of the Town's nature is the artwork. Walls and handrail compliment existing Town art by mimicking the wave pattern and flowers. The 4 grambullo seat walls provide resting spots and pay tribute to our native cacti.

The cost of the roadway improvements is approximately $10.7 million. Most of the funds came from Pima Association of Governments (PAG) by way of the Highway User Revenue Funds (HURF). Water line construction was $1.2 million for a total project cost of 11.9 million.

Minor items are currently being completed and are expected to wrap up in the next few months. During this time, temporary/isolated shoulder or lane closures on Lambert Lane and or side roads may occur. Attention to detail is in our nature, so your patience is appreciated.

Estimated Completion Date: 
Summer 2013
Street(s) Affected or Property Location: 
La Canada to Pusch View Lane
Town staff contact: 
Engineering Division, 229-4894
Activity Date Range
Minor items are being completed in the next few months. During this time, temporary lane closures may occur. Attention to detail is in our nature, so your patience is appreciated.