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Lambert Lane Safety Improvement Project - La Canada to Rancho Sonora

Widening Lambert to 4 lanes from La Canada to Rancho Sonora; includes multi-use lanes

This widening project is focused on improving the safety along Lambert Lane eastbound to the La Cañada intersection. The project conceptually will include 4 lanes from La Cañada to Rancho Sonora, and includes multi-use lanes. This project will improve the site visibility at the intersection of Lambert Ln and La Cañada and  improve how the road operates along with adding multi-modal enhancements. The project is anticipated to start mid 2016. The project is funded by the Pima Association of Goverments (PAG) 12.6% Highway User Revenue Funds (HURF)  HURF funds are derived from state fuel tax. Construction cost are about $6 million.

Estimated Start Date: 
Late 2016
Estimated Completion Date: 
Late 2017
Street(s) Affected or Property Location: 
Lambert Lane
Engineer or Property Owner: 
Jose Rodriquez, P.E.
Town staff contact: 
Jose Rodriguez 229-4872
Activity Date Range
Closure of Hacienda Hermosa Dr. at Lambert Ln. from 6/30/17 - 8/28/17. This closure is necessary for road reconstruction at this intersection. 06/30/17 to 08/28/17
Lane restrictions - northbound La Canada at Lambert. One day only; scheduled to be completed before afternoon commute hours. 08/09/17
Weekend lane restrictions - CANCELED. When a new date is available, it will be shared. 08/04/17
AUGUST: reconstruct intersection (including curbs, ramps, sidewalks, traffic signal); install storm drain pipe; curb and paving preparation in eastbound lanes; erosion protection, including seeding 08/01/17
Lane restrictions - northbound La Canada, just south of Lambert Lane, 7/12/17, 5:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. 07/12/17
Lane restrictions: southbound La Canada, Canada Hills to Lambert, until 6/30. Expect heavy delays, especially during morning commute hours. Seek alternate routes if possible. 04/04/17 to 06/30/17
Full closure of Lambert Lane from La Canada Dr., west to Hacienda Hermosa Dr. Lambert access to businesses west of intersection will be maintained whenever safety permits. 03/13/17 to 06/30/17
Lane restrictions: northbound La Canada, Congressional to Lambert, until 6/9. Expect heavy delays, especially during afternoon commute hours. Seek alternate routes if possible. 05/11/17 to 06/09/17
JUNE: Excavation of excess dirt; work on concrete retaining wall; work on RCBC extension; construction of soil nail walls; intersection reconstruction; installation of storm drain pipe 06/01/17
MAY: Excavate extra dirt and remove to Tangerine; concrete retaining wall; reinforced concrete box culvert extension; soil nail walls #3-4; intersection reconstruction; install storm drain pipe. 04/27/17
APRIL: Transportation of excess dirt from Lambert to Tangerine; work on concrete retaining wall; work on soil nail walls #3-4; construction of new traffic signal; installation of new storm drain pipe 03/28/17
What's going on on Lambert? This image shows installation of one of the four soil nail walls, which will stabilize hillsides adjacent to the newly expanded road. 03/22/17
Lane closures in all directions at Lambert Ln & La Canada Dr., 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., Expect heavy delays and, if possible, seek alternate routes. 03/03/17 to 03/10/17
MARCH: Continuation of clearing and grubbing; work on concrete retaining wall; work on reinforced concrete box culvert extensions; construction of soil nail wall #1; construction of new traffic signal 02/28/17
Construction of new traffic signal at intersection of Lambert Lane and La Canada Drive. 02/13/17
The large trucks in this video, nicknamed "belly dumps," removed close to 18,000 cubic feet of dirt from Lambert Lane on 2/24/17! 02/01/17
Construction of soil nail wall #1, between Rancho Sonora and Placita Lujoso on the south side of Lambert Lane. 01/30/17
FEBRUARY: Clearing and grubbing continuing; work on concrete retention wall at Hacienda Hermosa; work on reinforced concrete box culvert extensions; survey stake placement for soil nail walls 01/27/17
Tentative start date: 10/3/16 10/03/16 to 01/06/17
DECEMBER: Utility companies finishing relocation work; installation of traffic control signs, barricades, preservation nursery, erosion control measures; survey stakes placement throughout site 12/05/16