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Planning Projects

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Project Name Case_# Status Location Description
11061 N. Oracle Road, Steam Pump Village Self Storage, Site Plan and Architecture OV1602786 Active 11061 North Oracle Road Proposed Zoning Amendment and Site Plan
1st Ave./Lambert Ln., Nakoma Sky, Site Plan and Architecture OV1601351 Active 1st Avenue and Lambert Lane Proposed senior living campus located on 79.5 acres
1st Ave/Tangerine Road, The Villages at Silverhawke, Site Plan and Grading Exception OV1600017 Active Tangerine Road and First Avenue Proposed 186-lot single-family residential subdivision
Big Wash General Plan and Planned Area Development (PAD) Amendments OV1701068 Active Between Moore Road on the west and Rancho Vistoso Boulevard on the east Proposed General Plan and Planned Area Development (PAD) Amendments for several remaining undeveloped parcels near Big Wash (Rancho Vistoso Neighborhood 5) comprising approximately 108-acres.
Big Wash Trail Active Big Wash near Rancho Vistoso Bridge Proposed Big Wash Trail and Trailhead
Conceptual Architecture - Splendido (Phase 3) OV1702014 Active 13500 Rancho Vistoso Boulevard Proposed Conceptual Model Home Architecture for Splendido - Phase 3
Conditional Use Permit requirements for New Utility Poles and Wires OV1700002 Active Town-wide A proposed code amendment regarding Conditional Use Permit (CUP) requirements for New Utility Poles and Wires
El Conquistador Way and Oracle Road Rezoning OV1702722 Active Oracle Road and El Conquistador Way Proposed neighborhood commercial, senior care and multi-family uses
Innovation Park Drive General Plan Amendment OV1701076 Active Rancho Vistoso Boulevard and Vistoso Commerce Loop Proposed General Plan Amendment for an approximately 15-acre property located on the northwest corner of Vistoso Commerce Loop and Rancho Vistoso Boulevard
La Canada Dr. north of Moore Rd., Site Plan Active 1/4-mile north of La Canada Drive and Moore Road interesction Proposed 29-lot residential subdivision
La Cholla Blvd./Naranja Dr., Capella, Planned Area Development OV1601793 Active La Cholla Boulevard and Naranja Drive Proposed rezoning from R1-144 to Capella Planned Area Development
Mercado Del Rio sign criteria OV1702025 Active Pusch View Lane between Oracle Rd and Lambert Lane An updated sign criteria for Mercado Del Rio has been submitted for review
Moore Rd. east of Rancho Vistoso Blvd., Alterra at Vistoso Trails, Site Plan and Architecture OV1215-14 Active North of Moore Road approximately 1/4-mile east of Rancho Vistoso Boulevard Proposed 194-lot single-family residential subdivision
Naranja Drive, Naranja Trails, Site Plan OV1214-34 Active Naranja Drive and Pusch Ridge Vista Drive Proposed 51-lot single-family residential subdivision
Oracle Rd./1st Ave., One AZ Credit Union, Architecture Active Northeast corner of N. 1st Avenue and Oracle Road Proposed 3,500 sq. ft. credit union with drive-thru
Palisades Road Haul Road Project Active Palisades Road Construction traffic will be moving dirt from the property north of Palisades Road, south to the property located at the southeast corner of Palisades Road and N. 1st Avenue.
Property north of Steam Pump Ranch and west of Flying Bird Drive terminus OV1701769 Active North of Steam Pump Ranch and west of Flying Bird Drive terminus Proposed 19-lot residential subdivision
Pusch Ridge Centre Sign Criteria Active 13071 N. Oracle Road Sign Criteria for Pusch Ridge Centre
Pusch View Lane/Oracle Road, Oro Valley Adult Medicine, Architecture Active Mercado del Rio, Lot 7, north of Pusch View Lane approximately 1/4-mile west of Oracle Road. Proposed 3,000 sq. ft. doctor's office
Rancho Vistoso Blvd./Moore Rd., Viewpointe at Vistoso Trails, Site Plan and Architecture OV1600447 Active Moore Road and Rancho Vistoso Boulevard Proposed 37-lot single-family residential subdivision and 1.6-acres of future commercial
Rancho Vistoso Blvd./Moore Rd., Viewpointe II at Vistoso Trails, Site Plan and Architecture Active Moore Road and east of Rancho Vistoso Boulevard 45 single-family homes located on approximately 14 acres
Rancho Vistoso Blvd./Tortolita Mountain Cir., Stone Canyon Resort, PAD Amendment and Site Plan Active Tortolita Moutain Circle and Rancho Vistoso Blvd PAD Amendment and site plan
Rancho Vistoso Sign Criteria Active Rancho Vistoso Center at Oracle Road and Rancho Vistoso Blvd Sign Criteria for Rancho Vistoso
Rezoning for Saguaros Viejos East OV1701685 Active Northwest corner of Naranja Drive and La Cholla Boulevard Proposed rezoning from R1-20 Single-family Residential to R1-7 Single-family Residential.
Shannon Road General Plan Amendment and rezoning OV1701072, OV1701617 Active Shannon Road Proposed General Plan Amendment and rezoning for an approximately 78-acre property east of Shannon Road immediately south of Ironwood Ridge High School
Tangerine-State Land General Plan Amendment OV1701699 Active Tangerine Road and Coyote Crossing Trail Proposed General Plan Amendment to extend the Planning Boundary and apply a land use designation of Master Planned Community to State of Arizona owned property encompassing approximately 321-acres
Variance - Red Mountain Place OV1702648 Active 508 W. Red Mountain Place Building height variance
Verizon Tower on Cool Drive OV1701936 Active 333 W. Cool Drive Variance to a proposed cell tower