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Conservation and Sustainability

Conservation and Sustainability graphic

Implementing conservation and environmental sustainability policies town-wide, energy efficiency programs, and seeking outside grants, appropriations and other federal funds.

The Town of Oro Valley Vision
To be a well planned community that uses its resources to balance the needs of today against the potential impacts to future generations. Oro Valley’s lifestyle is defined by the highest standards or environmental integrity, education, infrastructure, services, and public safety. It is a community of people working together to create the Town’s future with a government that is responsive to residents and ensures the long-term financial stability of the Town.
What is Sustainability?
A buzz word in an increasingly environmentally conscious world, sustainability has as many definitions as there are groups trying to define it, as it applies to development, communities, businesses, as well as agriculture.  

Yet what all these definitions have in common is the underlying message to promote the long term well-being of economic, social, and environmental health.

Sustainability requires managing individual, community, national, and global scales of decision making in ways that ensure that our economy and society can continue to exist without destroying the natural environment on which we all depend.

A view of community as three concentric circles: the economy exists within society, and both the economy and society exist within the environment.

Oro Valley’s Goals for Sustainability
On the community scale in Oro Valley, goals for sustainability include creating a vision of the future that balances economic, social and environmental needs, and tracking the progress of reaching that vision.

Sustainability is a journey—not a destination. It is a complex process requiring each generation's creativity and innovation to work toward a more sustainable planet.