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Planning Division

  • June 13, 2017 - Consolidation of the Planning and Zoning Commission and Conceptual Design Review Board

    On June 7, 2017, Town Council approved a Zoning Code amendment to increase efficiency for all participants and maintain effective resident involvement in the development review process by:

    1. Transferring Conceptual Design Review Board authorities to the Planning and Zoning Commission;
    2. Enabling staff approval of a Conceptual Site Plan that conforms with a Town Council approved rezoning Tentative Development Plan; and
    3. Establishing a choice of administrative or Town Council review of Conceptual Public Art submittals.

    The amendment will go into effect beginning October 1, 2017. For more information, please see the draft June 7, 2017 Town Council meeting minutes which can be accessed HERE.

    Should you have any questions, please contact Current Planning Principal Planner Michael Spaeth at 520-229-4812 or

  • May 4, 2017 - Formal General Plan Amendment applications

    The Town's Planning Deparment has received the following General Plan Amendment applications:

    1. Big Wash - located between Moore Road on the west and Rancho VIstoso Boulevard on the east.
    2. Shannon Road - located on the west side of Shannon Road, immediately south of Ironwood Ridge High School
    3. Innovation Park Drive (Roger Ford property) - located on the northwest corner of Rancho Vistoso Boulevard and Vistoso Commerce Loop.


    The applications are currently under review by Town staff. Staff will be scheduling second neighborhood meetings in August.

    For more information please visit or (520)229-4800.

Division Overview
The Planning division administers the General Plan and Zoning Code for the harmonious growth of the Town. The division is responsible for providing planning and zoning services to the Community, Town Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, Conceptual Design Review Board, Board of Adjustment, and project teams.  The division's Work Plan for the next two years will focus on updates to the sign code, zoning code, general plan and associated guidelines and standards.   

Oro Valley Town Code  |  Zoning CodeInteractive Zoning Map

Planning Program Overview
The primary function of the Planning program is to assure the proper implementation of adopted plans, policies and standards. Planning provides direction and support for the Planning and Zoning Commission, Conceptual Design Review Board, and Board of Adjustment. The planning team coordinates the review of development projects by various Town departments and divisions as well as external review agencies. Planning also prepares and analyzes amendments to the General Plan, Zoning Code, Planned Area Developments, and rezoning cases. Staff develops recommendations to promote the aesthetic, organized growth and development of the Town, and is responsible for the Citizen's Planning Institute.

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