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Public Art Program

The purpose of the Town’s public art requirement is to enhance our community’s beauty and support the cultural and educational enrichment of the citizens and visitors to Oro Valley through the creation of artwork that is accessible.  Public art is a required element for all new non-residential and public development projects in Oro Valley.  One percent of the building permit valuation for the total project, including all phases of a multi-phase project, is allocated towards public art projects.

Public Art Inventory
Oro Valley has a fairly extensive collection of public art pieces.  The Public Art Inventory contains information on the Town’s existing art work including the artist contact information, budget and location of public art (pictures are coming soon).  Other outside agencies may also assist you with the artist selection (see Outside Agency Links below).

Review and Approval Process
There are three stages of review for Public Art projects in Oro Valley.  Prior to initiating the first stage, the public art budget must be approved by the Town and the artist selection must be completed.   The Town’s building official reviews and approves all preliminary estimates for building permit valuations used as the basis for determining the public art calculation for the project.

For specific public art zoning code requirements, please refer to  Oro Valley Zoning Code Section 27.3

For information regarding the Call for Artist process, please refer to the Public Art Guidelines

Outside Agency Links
In addition to the Town’s Public Art Inventory, additional outside assistance with your artist selection is available through the following links:

Please contact the Planner on Duty or Planning Division Staff at 520-229-4800.