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Community Academy

The Community Academy is a fun, free and unique opportunity to learn about your community and local government! This highly engaging program brings Town staff, local experts and residents together to discuss an array of topics pertinent to Oro Valley.

A series of eight (8) classes will be held from October 3 through October 29. The course culminates with a graduation with Town Council on November 6, 2019 (for participants who attend at least 4 of the classes).

All classes are held in the Hopi Conference Room, located in the Community and Economic Development Building at Town Hall, 11000 N La Cañada Drive. Class times will be from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Date Class Title Class Description Class Presentation
Thursday, 10/3/19 Welcome and Strategic Leadership Planning Welcome! This class covers the Town Council's adopted Strategic Leadership Plan, which includes the goals and policies guiding Town initiatives over the next few years. Town Overview and Finances
 Tuesday, 10/8/19 History of Oro Valley This class includes a broad history of the Town as well as information about the Historic Preservation Commission.

OV History Presentation

Pursuing Incorporation Timeline

Historic Articles

 Thursday, 10/10/19 Traffic, Roadways and Transportation Planning AND Integrated Parks and Recreation Strategy This class covers the most impactful infrastructure needs and services. Participants will learn about the maintenance and future planning of roadways and parks.

Engineering Presentation

Parks and Recreation Presentation

 Tuesday, 10/15/19 Town Water Resource Planning Have you ever wondered what the Town’s water supply is now and for the future? Where water comes from in Oro Valley and how it gets to your home? In this class, participants will gain answers to these questions as well as a deeper understanding of the Town's water resource planning. Water Presentation
 Thursday, 10/17/19 Planning for Community Economic Vitality and Future Growth Join Town staff and a local expert to learn about the regional and local economic development initiatives in relation to the future growth of the Town.

Economic Development


Future Growth

 Tuesday, 10/22/19 Legal Parameters of Zoning This class provides the basics of zoning and the legal parameters the Town must abide by.  
Thursday, 10/24/19 Development Review Project This hands-on class gives participants the opportunity to take what they learned in the previous class and apply it to an actual development project.  
Tuesday, 10/29/19 Roundtable Discussion Join staff to briefly summarize the Community Academy and evaluate the course. This class also provides time to ask unanswered questions or hear about a topic that wasn't presented during previous classes.  
Wednesday, 11/6/19  Graduation Participants who attend at least four (4) classes will be acknowledged in front of friends and family during the Town Council meeting.