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Shopping Safely and Personal Safety

Shopping Safely
The following tips should be followed to help keep you safe when you are shopping at malls, businesses and grocery stores.

  • Be discrete when typing in your PIN numbers.
  • Look at your receipts to make sure that your full credit card number is not listed on it.  If the number is on it, use a pen to thoroughly scratch it out.
  • Before you walk away from the register, double-check that you have your credit card and checkbook in your possession.
  • Do not leave your purse sitting in the shopping cart.
  • Establish a plan of where to meet your children if you are separated.
  • Make sure your children know your cell phone number.
  • Have your car keys in your hand before you leave the store.
  • When you are walking out to your parked car, pay close attention to your surroundings and to suspicious people in the area.
  • When parking your car at night, try to park under a light and as close to the business as possible.

Personal Safety

  • Be aware of your surroundings.  Look around; take notice of people and vehicles around you.
  • Do not look like a "victim".  Walk with head erect, eyes looking forward making eye contact with those you pass.  Walk with a purpose.
  • Do not talk on cell phone or listen to iPod, etc. - anything that distracts your attention.
  • If something or someone "just doesn't look or feel right" it probably isn't.  Avoid the situation, turn and walk in the opposite direction or cross the street.  Get to a more public area and call police - place this number in your cell phone.