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Apartment Safety

Crime Prevention for Apartment Living
There are many things you as a resident of an apartment complex can do to protect yourself and make your home safer.  The Oro Valley Police Department hopes that you will take a few minutes to read these tips on personal safety.  Your increased awareness could save you or someone else from being a victim of crime:

  • Learn your complex and the surrounding area well.
  • Get acquainted with your neighbors.  Working together to help solve problems in your complex improves everyone's lifestyle.
  • Take notice of any unusual activity.  Reporting a suspicious activity to the police helps them to do their job, but never take the risk to apprehend someone...leave that to the police.
  • Keep a current list of your property.  Include: make, model, serial number, color, year and engraved number.
  • Leave a light on and a radio playing when you are gone.  A time is an inexpensive investment.
  • Always lock your vehicle and use auto-theft devices.  Never leave expensive items in your vehicle.
  • Keep your doors locked, even when you are home.
  • Don't automatically open your door when someone knocks.  Use the "peep hole" and make sure you know who is outside.
  • Lock your windows while you are sleeping and while you are away.
  • When you are away, draw the window coverings to prevent prowlers from seeing your valuables.
  • When walking to and from your vehicle, avoid dark sparsely traveled areas, short cuts and areas with bushy trees and shrubs.  Be aware of what is behind and in front of you.
  • Never remain in the laundry area alone.