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Steam Pump Ranch - Master Plan & Master Plan Update

A goal of the Master Plan process was to develop the overall theme or story for the Steam Pump Ranch, which would form the foundation for overall site design standards, appropriate complementary uses, coordinated infrastructure, and active and passive recreation in a Draft Master Plan.

The scope of the Master Plan project required a multi-disciplinary team with a designated project manager. The Oro Valley Town Council authorized the contract for Poster Frost Associates to begin the Master Plan process on May 16, 2007. Poster Frost Associates, in conjunction with Town staff, lead a citizen committee through development of a vision, opportunities/constraints, identification of complementary uses, and three Alternative Design Scenarios to the creation of the Draft Master Plan.

The Task Force accomplished the mission set forth by Town Council and the Draft Master Plan document was forwarded to the Historic Preservation Commission with their recommendations.

View complete Task Force List of Recommendations.

View Steam Pump Ranch Master Plan Final Draft.

View Steam Pump Ranch Master Plan Update (2015).

The Historic Preservation Commission met April 14, 2008, in the Council Chambers. Poster Frost Associates, the consultant for the Steam Pump Ranch Master Planning Process, presented the “Draft
Master Plan”. Public input was requested at this public meeting.

Following the Historic Preservation Commission meeting, their Recommendation on the Draft Master Plan was forwarded on to Town Council, along with the Task Force Recommendation.

The final presentation to Town Council was held on May 21, 2008. A motion was made by Council Member Gillaspie and seconded by Council Member Carter to adopt Resolution (R)08-40, approving the Master Site Plan for Steam Pump Ranch. The motion was passed unanimously.

Construction at the site was completed in April of 2011.