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Gifts & Donations

The Town of Oro Valley Parks and Recreation Department welcomes gifts and donations of any size or scale from individuals, civic groups, clubs or corporations.

Gifts and donations are an important revenue source to help restore and maintain the community and parks.  They can be used outright or held until adequate funds are available to fully underwrite a project or program. 

The Gifts and Donations Program is a prioritized list of equipment, supplies, and trees that a community donor could expect to see purchased, installed or planted within a one-year time frame.

Thank you for your consideration. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Please see below for examples of gifts and donations.  Other opportunities (such as equipment donations) may also be possible; please call the Parks and Recreation office at 229-5050 to discuss those items, and for any questions about the program.

Item Description Cost
Steam Pump Ranch Fencing Additional fencing for the new restrooms $5,000
Monument Signage Monument sign at West Lambert Lane Park $10,000
Information Kiosks Replacement information kiosk at JDK Park and Riverfront Park $10,000
Naranja Archery Park Shade Structure $30,000
Naranja Dog Park Accessories $1,000-$10,000
JDK Dog Park Accessories $1,000-$10,000


Park Trees
Donors may recommend a location for the placement of a tree, however, the parks and recreation department reserves the right to approve each recommendation.  The list price includes installation and care.

  • 24” BOX TREE…………………………$400.00
  • 36” BOX TREE…………………………$600.00

List of approved trees

  • Sweet Acacia
  • Desert Willow
  • Texas Ebony
  • Ironwood
  • Blue Palo Verde
  • Desert Museum Palo Verde
  • Pastiche
  • Texas Honey Mesquite
  • Thornless Hybrid Mesquite
  • Velvet Mesquite
  • Southern Live Oak
  • Texas Olive
  • Crape Myrtle
  • Texas Mountain Laurel
  • Chaste Tree

Tables & Benches
Donors may recommend a certain location for a bench or table to be placed.  A permanent plaque will be attached to the donated item.  The listed price includes installation.

  • Bench (6 feet) $1,200
  • Picnic Table (6 feet long) $1,300
  • Picnic Table (8 feet long) $1,400
  • Plaque (includes engraving and installation) $50