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Why are so many apartment complexes being built along Oracle Road?

The Town’s General Plan, Your Voice Our Future, which was created and ratified by the residents of Oro Valley, clearly states that residents want a “complete community.” A complete community includes employment, housing, shopping, dining and recreation opportunities and amenities for all ages. In order to achieve a complete community, there must be a variety of housing options to support the full spectrum of Oro Valley residents.

A recent market study by Norris Design and the Real Estate Consulting Group, was presented to Town Council in January 2018. The study shows that in order to bring more retail businesses to our community, there will need to be more single family homes and multi-family housing, such as apartments. Apartment complexes are a great opportunity to drive more retail businesses to Oro Valley, so that residents can shop locally. (See OV Fact Checker question about Oro Valley Marketplace.)

One of the concerns expressed by residents is the perception of apartments being low-income and high-crime areas. This has proven to be completely untrue in Oro Valley. For example, in the last six months of 2017, the three new apartment complexes along Oracle Road saw a total of 44 crimes. By comparison, the Copper Creek neighborhood, which has a similar number of homes, reported 69 crimes over the same period of time. (Source: Overall, Oro Valley continues to rank as one of the safest communities nationally and regionally. In fact, Safe Home named Oro Valley the 2017 Safest City in Arizona.

Also of interest, these apartments offer units for rent from $1000 to 1600 a month, which is $400 higher than the market average.