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How is the Oro Valley Community Center (and golf) funded?

Currently, in its third year of operations, the Community Center, which includes golf, tennis, fitness and the Overlook Restaurant, is on track to be completely funded by a combination of operational revenues (e.g. member dues, daily play, tournament fees, user fees, food/beverage sales, merchandise sales), and the designated half-cent sales tax.

Looking back a little further, when the Community Center was acquired in 2015, Town Council appropriated $1.2 million from the General Fund to support operations in its first year. In FY 2015/16, the Community Center Fund saw investment of $2 million in dedicated half-cent sales taxes, but still ended the year with expenses exceeding revenues by $863,000. For FY 2016/17, the dedicated sales tax revenues totaled $2.2 million, but the fund ended the year with expenses exceeding revenues by just over $600,000. The Town Council approved an additional $350,000 from the General Fund into the Community Center Fund, resulting in expenses exceeding revenues by $250,000. For the current FY 2017/18, we see continued improvement, as an estimated $2.3 million in dedicated sales taxes will be invested in the fund, and revenues and expenses are trending to meet budget.