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Is golf the only parks and recreation amenity that is supported by tax dollars?

No, golf is not the only amenity supported by tax dollars. The fact is, all parks and recreation amenities, including the Aquatic Center and our parks, require community investment. While some of these facilities do generate revenue, that amount does not cover expenses.

For example, over at the Aquatic Center, Fiscal Year 2017-18 saw $639,603 in revenues, but actual expenses were $1,303,652. So that facility required a community investment of approximately $664,000. That’s nearly 51 percent.

The Town understands that not every resident uses our parks, the same way that not every resident uses our transit system or programs for special needs. But each of these elements is part of the full-service community that we are working to build, where there is something for everyone. A robust and diversified Parks and Recreation program aligns with our goal of being a complete community.