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Can the Town's water resources support all this new development?

Yes, the Town of Oro Valley’s has the water resources to support this new development. The Town has been designated by the Arizona Department of Water Resources as having an “Assured and Adequate Water Supply” for the Water Utility’s entire service area for a period of 100 years. This designation means that the Town has demonstrated successful long-term water supply planning, adequate preservation of groundwater resources and the use of renewable water supplies.

The Oro Valley Water Utility continues to manage its water resources for the future by maintaining a diverse water resource portfolio that includes meeting the potable water needs through the responsible utilization of groundwater while maximizing the use of renewable water resources such as Central Arizona Project (CAP) water. The Town also delivers reclaimed water for the irrigation of golf courses, schools and athletic fields. Additionally, the Water Utility has been storing all of its unused CAP water allocation in nearby underground recharge facilities. This stored water can be recovered at a later date to offset shortages that may occur in the future.

Currently, the Town has 19,500 service connections serving a population of about 44,000 residents. Due to the Town’s diligence in securing, managing and conserving its water resources, the Water Utility delivers less total water resources per year than it did over a decade ago. Looking forward, the Water Utility projects that we have enough water resource availability to support the Town’s current boundary to buildout, including an estimated additional 4,000 single family residences, even if the current CAP drought contingency plans go into effect.