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Featured Artist: Makoto Takigawa

Each month a new local artist is given the opportunity to feature work in Oro Valley Council Chambers. If you are a local artist or you know of a local artist that would like to be featured in the Council Chambers, please call 520-229-4700. If you would like to view the featured art, please schedule an appointment with Economic Development Specialist Margie Adler at 520-229-4758 or Click here for an archive of featured artists.

Makoto Takigawa

Born in Japan, Makoto Takigawa pursued his higher education in America, receiving BFA from San Francisco Art Institute. His inspiration arises from observations made while surrounded by nature, including years of working in the field and the lab in paleontology.

He currently resides in Tucson, Arizona.

July 1, 2016

Artist Statement
Creating a painting is more than just producing a two-dimensional image.  It is a process of addition, subtraction and an involvment in the process itself.

Just as nature creates its beauty through endless movements, my paintings reflect nature's processes.  Every groove and swelling of the surface,and the layers beneath, speaks to me of time's progression. Interpreting just one moment from one painting to another.

Painting by Makoto Takigawa
Painting by Makoto Takigawa
Painting by Makoto Takigawa