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Community Programs

OV Buffel Busters
Volunteers are needed to help with Buffelgrass and Fountain Grass "pulls," to cut and dig out these invasive grasses.

  • OV Buffel Busters work hard during the year to remove buffelgrass in open areas and right of ways throughout the Town. From June through September we take a summer break.
  • Volunteers are needed from 7 - 10 a.m. every second Saturday of the month, unless otherwise noted.  (Please come at your convenience between this time).
  • There will be a 5 - 10 minute safety briefing and information about the grasses starting at 7 a.m. prior to the “PULL.”
  • Tools & bags are provided, but wear sturdy boots, hat, work gloves, long-sleeve shirts, long pants and sunscreen and bring plenty of water. If you have shovels and bars please bring them with you.

Please keep in mind students 13 years and under must have their parent or legal guardian present with them during the pull and they must sign the Town's “Hold Harmless Waiver" form. Students 14-17 years of age must have a signed “Hold Harmless Waiver" form by their parent or guardian prior to the pull and bring it with them.


To learn more details or if interested in becoming an OV Buffel Buster volunteer, please contact or Karn Boyce at 229-5024, or visit our calendar to view the monthly pull areas.

There are numerous washes and dry riverbeds that run throughout the Town of Oro Valley. Some are quite large, like the Cañada del Oro Wash, while some are only small tributaries that run through our neighborhoods.

As you know, these washes are not always dry. They can fill with water after a rainstorm or after human events like washing a car or irrigating a back yard.
The Town of Oro Valley has established a program to help keep our washes running freely and cleanly throughout the year.

The goals of the program are:

  • To improve the flow of water by removing debris
  • To reduce or eliminate harmful contaminants that may seep into our groundwater supply
  • To maintain civic pride by taking responsibility for keeping our washes clean and free-flowing

How do we get involved?
If you are interested in participating in the Oro Valley Free and Clean program, you should contact the Adopt-A-Wash Coordinator at 520-229-4816.

View the Adopt-A-Wash Program Brochure to learn how your organization can help keep Oro Valley's washes clean and free-flowing.