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Marriage Licenses

How to Apply for a Marriage License

You may apply for a Marriage License at the Oro Valley Magistrate Court  Monday – Friday  from  8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  Complete the Marriage License Application and bring it to the court.  Ceremonies must be prescheduled with the court.

1.    You will need a MONEY ORDER, CASHIER'S CHECK  or PERSONAL CHECK with valid proof (No travelers checks) in the amount of $74.50 ($76.50 for any licenses purchased on or after August 9, 2017) made to the order of "CLERK OF SUPERIOR COURT" and $1.50 in cash for the processing fee.

2.    Both applicants must be present to obtain license.

3.    Both applicants should be 18 years old. Anyone under 21 years old, must
       provide Driver License or ID and proof of age with a Birth Certificate, Baptismal
       Certificate, Passport or Military ID.

    a.    If you are 16-17 years old, you MUST have your PARENT'S WRITTEN
           PERMISSION. The CUSTODIAL PARENT must sign full name and have
           notarized  FORM 18-99 "CONSENT TO MARRIAGE", provide Divorce Decree,
           certified Birth Certificate of the minor, and Driver License (ID) of all parties.
           If both parents are deceased, a guardian must be appointed for the purpose
           of giving the consent.

    b.   If you are under 16 years old, you must have a COURT ORDER SIGNED BY A
          "CONSENT TO MARRIAGE", certified Birth Certificate of the minor, and Driver
           License (s) of all parties. You may call 520-740-3200 to set an appointment
           to see the Judge.

4.    Both applicants need to complete and sign the
       MARRIAGE LICENSE AFFIDAVIT form. (Please print legibly)

5.    If you are from a country other than United States and do not have a social
       security number, please mark the appropriate box.

6.    Please PRINT a current address and daytime telephone number on the lower
       left section of the affidavit. This is very important for recording purposes at Pima
       County Superior Court.

7.    Give cashier's check/money order, cash, affidavit and any necessary papers to
       the clerk to process while you wait.

8.    Two witnesses are required for the ceremony and must be over 18 years of age.
       If you are unable to provide witnesses, the Court will provide them for you.

Your marriage license is valid anywhere in the state of Arizona and expires ONE YEAR from date of issuance. Take the marriage license with you when you marry. After the ceremony and marriage license has been signed, you will keep the top portion for your records and the officiant will mail the bottom portion to Pima County Superior Court for recording. This is your marriage certificate. Additional or certified copies may be obtained from the Clerk of Superior Court (NOT Oro Valley Court).