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Featured Artist: Youth Art

Each month a new local artist is given the opportunity to feature work in Oro Valley Council Chambers. If you are a local artist or you know of a local artist that would like to be featured in the Council Chambers, please call 520-229-4700. If you would like to view the featured art, please schedule an appointment with Economic Development Specialist Margie Adler at 520-229-4758 or Click here for an archive of featured artists.

Youth art paintings displayed on wall

The Town of Oro Valley, in collaboration with Pop Up Arts, is pleased to exhibit the following schools:

December 1, 2018

Casas Christian Middle School - Teacher Ginger Sewell

  • "Viking Long Boats" (pencil and marker on paper)

BASIS Oro Valley Middle School - Teacher Rachel Martin

  • "Inspired by St. Basils Cathedral, Moscow, Russia" (water color resist on paper)


Innovation Academy - Teacher Melissa Samel

  • Kindergarten: Students invited their families in for an art day to make horse and unicorn handprints. Before making handprints students discussed environments and painted a setting that would go with their animal.
  • 1st Grade: Students made these owls using patterns drawn in oil pastel and then used basic weaving techniques to put them together.  An extension to this lesson was making owl out of clay.
  • 2nd grade: Students were introduced to a brief history of the Aztec culture and the sun calendar.  We now see lots of folk art out of Mexico that stems from this culture.  Students created a contrast painting with the sun and moon using color and pattern.
  • 3rd grade: In November 2nd & 3rd grade students presented a Veteran’s day fine art show.  This work of art was on display.  Students studied the structure and design of the Statue of Liberty.
  • 4th Grade: Students compared art work by Georgia O’Keefe and drew large cropped flowers in glue.  They practiced using value by coloring in chalk pastels.
  • 5th Grade: These beautiful cardinals came to life by using liquid watercolor and salt.  Students discussed and analyzed the scientific reaction that took place and compared each other’s varying results.


Canyon Del Oro High School - Teacher Gina Beca

  • "Selected Works" (mixed media)


Paintings by youth art