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Working Documents

Working Documents includes the latest project materials available.  It will be updated periodically as we make progress.

Your Voice, Our Future General Plan (2016)
This is the final Plan, which will be voted on by the Oro Valley community in the November 2016 general election. (Disclaimer: This version does not reflect amendments made by Town Council, but will be updated as soon as possible)

Executive Summary
An executive summary of the Your Voice, Our Future General Plan. 


Archived Committee Meeting Packets 
A compilation of Your Voice Committee meeting materials.

Volunteer Toolkit
An informational toolkit for Your Voice, Our Future volunteers.

Phase 3 Communications Plan
A communications plan for Phase 3 of the Your Voice, Our Future Project, endorsed by the Your Voice Communications Advisory Committee, comprised of Oro Valley residents.

Your Voice, Our Future General Plan - Recommended Draft (90% Completion, February 2016)
This draft of the Your Voice, Our Future General Plan was tentatively adopted by Town Council in November 2015 and presented to the community in 2016. 

Your Voice, Our Future General Plan - Recommended Draft (90% Completion, September 2015)
The draft of the Your Voice, Our Future General Plan, released September 16, 2015. 

Public Review Draft Comment Follow-Up
Over 1,000 comments collected during the Stakeholder Review Period! Check out what your neighbors said abou the "Public Review Draft" (60% Completion) and what action was taken on them to improve the Plan.

Your Voice, Our Future General Plan - Public Review Draft (60% completion, June 2015)
The Your Voice, Our Future Public Review Draft (60% Completion) was released in June, 2015. 

Your Voice Background Report (Sept 2014)
A compilation of information and resources as part of the General Plan Update Process.

Vision and Guiding Principles (Endorsed by Town Council May 7, 2014)
Over the course of five months many people came together to voice their ideas. The results have been formed into a big picture statement or vision about Oro Valley’s future. It answers the question “what should Oro Valley be like in 10 years?” The Vision is supported by eleven Guiding Principles. They both work together to illustrate the things that matter most to the community. This framework will be used to guide future committee and participant efforts as we add “detail” in the overall community plan. The focus is to honor the trends created by the community's work. 

Your Voice, Our Future Project Phone Survey (Sept 2013)

Your Voice, Our Future Project Phone Survey Presentation to Town Council (Nov 20, 2013)
The Town of Oro Valley has released the results of a survey which measured community attitudes and opinions related to the Town’s future. The statistically-valid phone survey sampled a demographic mix of respondents based on 2010 Census data. This information is a critical component of the Your Voice, Our Future project. In addition to asking questions about current needs and attitudes, the survey was also designed to compare results of a similar survey effort in 2002, to help gauge long-standing trends or changes. The survey includes responses to these questions:

  • What do residents value most about living in Oro Valley?
  • What do residents value least about living in Oro Valley?
  • Which areas require additional focus for Oro Valley to become a more complete or livable community?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing Oro Valley in the next ten years?
  • How do residents envision Oro Valley being described in the future?

This survey is just one of the many methods used as part of the Your Voice, Our Future project to garner community input. Residents can still join the conversation by logging into

Public Participation Plan
On May 1, 2013, the Oro Valley Town Council adopted a plan to encourage community participation in the Your Voice, Our Future project.  A Public Participation Plan was designed to support the Town’s primary goal of developing a community- and consensus-based, defensible and voter-ratified community or "general" plan.

To accomplish that, the update must represent a shared community vision and guiding principles, and the public participation must be inclusive, educational and far-reaching. The adopted Public Participation Plan identifies the process to reaffirm or adjust the current General Plan vision, guiding principles, goals and policies so that the update will resonate with the community and be broadly endorsed by voters.

The Public Participation Plan outlines the steps Town staff will take to encourage and solicit community involvement in the update process.  It identifies specific methods and techniques that motivate members of the community to:

  • Be informed about the preparation, content and use of the plan
  • Identify key components of community
  • Communicate needs and expectations for the future
  • Work together to reach consensus on ways to address key community issues
  • Contribute to achieving voter ratification