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Key steps of the Your Voice, Our Future project. We're in Phase III: Do it! Make it so!
Your Voice Our Future Process and Schedule

I. Let’s talk!

Talk to the Town’s residents and stakeholders in a meaningful way to establish priorities. This will be accomplished by creating many opportunities to discuss, debate and listen to one another to gain a larger understanding of who we are and how we want to move forward.

The aim is to bring the many many voices together as one. The result will be a foundation of guiding themes and principles to build a long range plan of action.   

II. Let’s think!

Teams of residents will come together to think about specific goals and polices for the future. The aim is to 1) understand what the community’s concerns are and its aspirations.; 2) clarify goals and polices; 3) address current and projected needs, preferences and trends; and 4) Test assumptions and adjust accordingly.

The product will be a draft statement of community values, aspirations and specific goals and polices for the future.

 III. Do it! Make it so!

The draft of Your Vision, Our Future will be presented to the community. The aim is to show how the document reflects initial community outreach efforts and spark additional discussion. The Plan will be modified to insure community acceptance and sound planning. When the draft is ready, voters will be further encouraged to participate in the public vote on the Your Voice, Our Future in November 2016. Ultimately, the document created by Town residents must be ratified by the same.