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Project FAQs

This list of questions and answers that reflect those frequently asked by residents.

Your Voice, Our Future

Phase 1 – Let’s talk! (Sep 2013 – May 2014)
Oro Valley residents and stakeholders established priorities through open conversations. Many events and outreach efforts provided the opportunity to discuss, debate and listen to one another to gain common understanding. The aim was to bring many voices together.

The results were formed into a big-picture vision statement about Oro Valley’s future. It answers the question, “What should Oro Valley be like in 10 years and beyond?” The Vision is further defined by twelve Guiding Principles that illustrate what matters most to the community. The community’s Vision and Guiding Principles were endorsed by the Town Council on May 7, 2014 and set the stage to build a long-range plan of action.

Phase 2 – Let’s think! (Jun 2014 – Nov 2015)
Residents and stakeholders came together to create a Plan with specific goals and polices for the future. The aim was to understand the community’s concerns and aspirations; clarify goals and policies; and address needs, preferences and trends. The product was the Your Voice, Our Future General Plan. At the end of Phase 2, the Plan was presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission for recommendation, then to the Town Council which tentatively adopted the Plan in November 2015.

Phase 3 – Do it! Make it so! (Dec 2015 – Nov 2016)
The Your Voice, Our Future General Plan was presented to the community to show how the document, created by Oro Valley residents, reflects the community's direction and to spark additional discussion. The Plan was finalized and formally adopted by Town Council on September 21, 2016. Oro Valley residents voted to ratify the Your Voice, Our Future General Plan on November 8, 2016.

The Your Voice, Our Future General Plan, ratified by the residents of Oro Valley, officially guides and inform residents, stakeholders, Town staff, and elected and appointed officials. Residents and stakeholders can look to the Plan to understand the vision of Oro Valley’s future. Town staff and elected and appointed officials use the Plan’s goals and polices as a foundation for decision making. Over the ten years following ratification, they will put the Plan into action through the action items listed in Chapter 6: Getting to Work.

Towns create plans in order to understand the community and set future directions. The Your Voice, Our Future General Plan helps us understand how Oro Valley has changed, what the community’s values are, and uses those values to guide decisions over the next 10 years.

Oro Valley residents voted to ratify the Your Voice, Our Future General Plan on November 8, 2016. Now, it’s time for action. The Plan will be used as guide over the next 10 years. It outlines actions as well as a specific implementation program to monitor results. Examples from the Plan include:

  • Create partnerships with higher education institutions and museums to share programs and cultural resources.
  • Integrate public art into Town parks and trail systems.
  • Integrate family-friendly amenities into the trail system, such as areas for play, rest, water, shade and learning.
  • Conserve scenic views of ridgelines, hillsides, peaks and foothills of the surrounding mountain ranges that contribute to the Town’s valued scenic character.
  • Plan for the growth of the community by creating an annexation strategy that reflects sound financial planning.
  • Provide consistent connections in the pedestrian and bikeway systems.

The Your Voice, Our Future General Plan will make a difference!

The community-led Your Voice, Our Future General Plan will help determine decisions made for Oro Valley over the next ten years. It takes a high level look at the community, and doesn’t set Town budgets or call for new taxes. The Plan includes a range of important topics such as public safety, natural beauty, parks and recreation and how to make our community more family-friendly. This Plan uses the community’s vision to set directions for residents, stakeholders, officials and Town staff to use in making decisions over the next decade.

Arizona state law requires all cities, towns and counties in Arizona to have an updated General Plan every 10 years that is approved by voters. A plan must include important topics, including water, land use, growth and circulation. The Your Voice, Our Future General Plan outlines directions for topics that are required and others that important to the community, like parks and recreation and the environment, and will be used to guide future decisions in the community.

A plan should also reflect changes in a community’s population. Oro Valley has changed since the last General Plan in 2005. There is no longer a “typical” Oro Valley resident. The 2005 Plan reflects the 2005 Oro Valley. The Your Voice, Our Future Plan reflects Oro Valley and community’s values today.